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What Is Included in an AC Tune-Up? | IMS Heating & Air, Inc. What Is Included in an AC Tune-Up? | IMS Heating & Air, Inc.

What Is Included in an AC Tune-Up?

When the weather in Colorado starts to get hot, many people rely on their AC units to keep them comfortable throughout the day and night. Summer can get quite scorching at times, so keeping the system in proper working order is incredibly important. No one wants their air conditioner to stop working in the middle of a sweltering night, after all! 

So, the best option is regular maintenance and tune-ups.

But, what does an AC tune-up include and why should you schedule routine tune-ups? Many homeowners might see a routine tune-up as a simple assessment and quickly fixing noticeable issues. While that is partially true, there is far more that needs to be done. 

This article will go over the various tasks that are included in a tune-up. If you need to schedule an AC tune-up or are dealing with a malfunctioning unit, you can contact our team at IMS Heating & Air.

Why Do You Need to Tune-up Your AC?

HVAC units aren’t impervious to age and dust, including AC units. Despite the fact that the vents are hidden away in your home’s walls, ceiling, and floors, the simple process of drawing in air pulls in various types of debris. This is one of the main reasons that such a system requires an air filter.

These extra particles don’t damage your AC or the vents, but they can cause issues. If enough debris gets into the AC’s central components, the flow of air can be blocked to the point that the AC itself starts to overheat and fail. 

So if you’ve been asking yourself questions like, “what does a home AC tune-up include?” you’ll be happy to learn that one of our technicians can clean your unit (please note that IMS Heating & Air does not offer duct or vent cleaning services).

Of course, an aging system is another reason. As your system ages, parts can start to slow down, either due to incoming dirt or simple wear and tear. A tune-up can help catch these small signs of aging and lets you or the technician know what needs replacing or what parts can go for a little longer with a little bit of maintenance.

2 Signs That Your AC Needs a Tune-up

Determining when it’s time for a tune-up can be difficult for new homeowners. Fortunately, many HVAC systems tend to give very noticeable signs that something’s wrong. If you catch any of these signs, just contact our team at IMS Heating & Air and we’ll do our best to help tune-up your AC. You can even ask us, “what does an AC tune-up entail?”

Here are two common signs that your AC needs a tune-up:

Your Monthly Energy Bill Is Higher

Have you noticed an increase in your monthly energy bills? If so, you may want to schedule an AC tune-up with one of our technicians. Any small misaligned part or worn down piece can cause the system to use more power or run longer. That said, the cause can be simple, which is why a tune-up can be incredibly beneficial.

You Get Less Air Coming Out of Your Vents

As mentioned before, dirt and other debris can find their way into your vents, effectively blocking the airflow. One of the many answers to “what does an AC tune-up include?” is dealing with and replacing the air filter. Since this can be one of the causes of reduced airflow, calling a technician for a tune-up can greatly help.

What a Normal Tune-up Maintenance Check Includes

The tasks performed during an AC tune-up can vary from company to company. Some companies only perform a basic inspection of the system and let you know what needs replacing, while others will go further and clean up any lingering issues. These are just a few of the main answers to the question, “what does an HVAC tune-up include?”

Cleaning and Replacements

One of the main factors that are common in many tune-up checklists is cleaning up the AC to check it for any broken or displaced parts. This makes it far easier for the technician to check for cracks and get the system working as intended. Typically, the technician will clean off the outdoor condenser coils, and the system’s condensate drain lines or even replace a dirty air filter.

Checking Refrigerant Levels

A normal AC tune-up will also include a look at the system’s refrigerant levels. Responsible for getting the heat in the air out and cooling it, the refrigerant is one of the most vital parts of the system. Typically, there will be a set amount of refrigerant in your AC system but accidents can still happen that can lead to a refrigerant leak.

If your AC is leaking refrigerant, fixing the crack in the pipe and refilling the refrigerant are some of the things that the technician will take care of. Only trained technicians and specialists have the expertise and licensing required to properly handle the refrigerant, so you should avoid trying to do this by yourself.

Oiling Up Any Moving Parts

Every machine has some moving parts, and your AC isn’t any different. When the technician comes in, they’ll check the condition of these parts and listen for any odd sounds that might signal that they’re grinding against another part of your AC. If it is, a bit of special HVAC lubricant or oil is applied to keep the damage to a minimum.

What Does an AC Tune-Up Include? — Takeaway

Regular tune-ups are a key step in ensuring that your AC is working to its maximum capacity as efficiently as possible. So, it’s only natural that any homeowner understands what gets included in a typical AC tune-up. 

We’ve listed some of the things that are included but if you want to know more, just ask one of our team members at IMS Heating & Air.